Keep Ransomeware from Scratching at Your Door

Ransomware is one of the most talked about and publicized security threats in the modern era. What started as a few high-profile attacks caused by a handful of malware variants has developed into a virulent threat landscape in which increasingly unskilled attackers are able to execute highly effective ransomware campaigns against organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity. Small-to-midsize businesses disproportionately fall victim to ransomware, as they often lack the technical skills and tools needed to prevent infection. 

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ExtraHop Platform Overview: Gain Control with Real-Time IT Analytics


ExtraHop Overview White Paper

To overcome new challenges and achieve better outcomes, enterprise IT must rethink the network as a data source and not simply a means of transport. The ExtraHop platform unlocks the hidden value in the network, enabling IT, Security, and Business teams to mine all digital interactions for real-time insights. This paper explains why the network is the richest and most empirical data source, and how the ExtraHop platform enables data-driven operations. 


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Adaptive Clientless Rendering: A Practical Solution to Browser Isolation

Menlo Security


ACR is a clear departure from traditional pixel remoting technology. It combines a web-based delivery vehicle with a greater understanding of the isolated page to simultaneously enable clientless deployment and a native user-experience. Read this white paper to learn more. 

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Cloud-Based Isolation – It’s Safe to Click

Download this Case Study to learn how a major U.S. enterprise is preventing phishing attacks using a cloud-based Menlo Security Phishing Isolation service. 

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